Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What should I get?

I received some nice gifts for Christmas this year. Since becoming a father, my expectations for gifts has dropped significantly. Now, it's more about the kids than what I want. But I still made out okay. Among the gifts were a lot of shirts and a nice pair of leather gloves (dressy). My brother generously bestowed upon me a gift card to Cabela's. And here is where the dilemma lies: Cabela's has good gear for every season, and I enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round. Should I get something for the winter, when I go rabbit hunting in freezing temperatures? Do I buy camping gear to use in the summer, including trips to the best place on earth, Algonquin Provincial Park? Or do I focus on the fall, and find something I can use for deer hunting? The card has $50 on it, so I do have limited options. I don't want to spend any more than that; I'm still recovering from gift shopping. There still a lot of choices in the monstrous Cabela's industry. Help!


  1. APP the best in the world? I find it over priced and crowded. I guess it always seems nicer when you come from away.I'm a 10 minute drive.

    i'd say suffer the winter out and enjoy the purchase for the summer.

  2. In my earlier post, "Musings Pertaining to Algonquin", I wondered if I would have such strong feelings for APP if I lived closer. Given easier access, perhaps I'd have explored as much as I desired. It's purely an opinion, based on one's own unique experiences. Out of curiosity, abduk, which cheaper, less-crowded parks would you recommend?

    And thanks for the input on the purchase decision; perhaps I'll invest in a hammock. My tripping buddies really enjoyed theirs last summer.

  3. just google ZEC's in Quebec. Very cheap IIRC it was 40 bucks for a YEAR interior camping pass! And its about 40km from Algonquin on the other side of the Ottawa river.

    georgian bay is awe inspiring. It's archipelago you could spned weeks exploring. Maintianed sites usually by GLSKA and a boating group. They have thunderboxes in some camps etc. best of all it's 100% free except for a parking fee of 5 bucks a day. We did a 5 day trip up thee and it maybe costed us 20 bucks each for gas and parking. Nice cheap trip.

    I don't have a lot of experience with other PP in the province, however from what I have heard they are ALL cheaper than Algonquin. Algonquin is the cash cow due to it's proximity between Toronto and Ottawa.

    If you want some trip idea's I got a few in the area on my blog. If you need any ideas or help from this side of the park don't hesitate to ask.

    I miss hunting with my beagles, almost bought two new ones as of late. Alas I never have time in the fall or winter normally.

    How about a Biv sack? Thats my next purchase I think. never tried a one here in the basement too I think. =0)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, they will be seriously considered. I have searched for wilderness-type locations in Michigan for canoe trips, but there are few and they are even more expensive than APP! I will probably never lose my love for Algonquin, as I have so many fond memories of it, but money is tighter these days.
    I'm really trying to use my gift money on something that won't require spending additional cash. Cabela's doesn't have a bivy bag in that price range, to my knowledge. A simple hammock, not the fancy jungle-type, would fit the price range. I don't mind sleeping in a tent, but a hammock is much more comfortable. Someday I'd like to get a Hennessey, and leave the tent at home. For now, a hammock to nap in would be enough to add a little creature comfort to my canoe trips.
    I don't get out every weekend with the beagles; I've been fortunate so far this season with two good hunts. They're family pets on most days, but they're always ready to chase the bunnies around the woods. I know there are other great breeds out there, but I'm so fond of my hounds and hunting with them that I'm probably hooked for life! Like canoe trips, no matter how many times I go, it's never enough.

  5. I agree. nothing like the howl of a couple beagles on a rabbit on a nice cold fall morning. Most of my fondest childhood memories was me and my dad with our two. We had a great team, they were strictly for hunting though.

    My dad took part in beagle trials all over Newfoundland with one of our dogs. She done very well. Our other wasnt a purebreed and wasnt allowed to compete.

    Enjoy reading your blog.