Monday, November 22, 2010

Big News

I've only been out in the field once since my last post. I took my older daughter to my parents' farm for some rabbit hunting. She was sporting her new birthday present vest and was ready to toss a bunny in the game bag if needed. Unfortunately, no shots were fired, as no rabbits were seen. The dogs found some scent trails, but we were unable to position ourselves in the right spots.

Since then, I've taken a bit of a hunting hiatus as I have been anticipating the arrival of my third child. Well, now he's here! With a November 19th birthday, I see a lot of hunting-themed birthday presents in his future! I doubt we will take many canoe trips on his birthday, though.

My next hunting day will probably be my annual celebration of Rufus's birthday, in early December. Most years, Rufus and I go out and bag a rabbit or two. Last year, he was recovering from a leg injury, but now he is mobile enough to hunt again. I don't know how many more years we'll be able to celebrate with a hunt, but I know chasing rabbits is his favorite thing to do.