Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trip Log Posted on!

A few days ago, I sent my recently-finished trip log of a trip this past August to Algonquin Provincial Park. Barry Bridgeford, the founder of, has graciously formatted it for me and posted it on his awesome site. This is the same trip featured in the slide show I posted earlier. The trip log has 55 pictures, about 1/3 the amount of the slide show, but has detailed text explaining the events of the trip day by day. So check it out, because I wrote it to share with you. I bet you can't read it without wishing it was warm, and you were putting a canoe into Cedar Lake!


  1. I also have another trip log on It is a shorter write-up of a shorter trip taken in 2007 with my cousin. It was posted August 2, 2009, and can be found in the Archives of the Updates page. Enjoy!

  2. Read the account. Nice job. I had forgotten about trying to sail my canoe. That made me chuckle.