Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anybody out there?

My sincerest apologies to my small group of readers. Like many other bloggers I have followed, I had one of those lapses where nothing was posted for a very long time. Other than a short paddle at Stoney Creek Metropark with my family, I have been sadly on dry land since April. But soon I will be back in my favorite place, Algonquin Park! 9 days of exploring Algonquin's beautiful lakes and rivers. Currently I'm wrapping up summer school (last day tomorrow!!), figuring out the final provisions for the trip, and preparing to head to western Michigan for a vacation with the wife's family. I'm going to be very busy until I get to slow down and simplify my life for a little over a week. I'm looking forward to those Algonquin temperatures; it's been too hot and humid in Metro Detroit this past month!


  1. I hear yah Rory....that dam work stuff really gets in the way doesnt it!