Friday, February 19, 2010

Anna's Rabbit Hunt

Today, I took Anna to the Port Huron state game area. Our purpose was to hunt rabbits. We brought along Chloe, our beagle. It did not go well. Anna started complaining about her feet almost right away, and I could not find a single rabbit track. By the time Chloe actually looked like she had a possible line on a rabbit, Anna was crying and demanding to go home. Total time driving to the game area: one hour. Total time in the game area: 45 minutes. It was a beautiful day, and I was sure she would enjoy the warmer temperatures and the vast wooded area.

Here was the problem: My wife convinced me to have Anna wear her rubber boots instead of snow boots, since snow was melting and her snow boots might get "messy". Well, there was still plenty of snow (but not too much) in the game area, and the rubber boots were a little small for Anna. Her feet were getting pinched, ruining the experience. On the bright side, Anna said she still had fun, so I think she'll go again. As long as she has comfortable footwear!

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