Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fuel for Skeptics

I just read an article about the recent cold spell that has hit Europe. Is it ironic that these abnormally COLD temperatures would arrive shortly after a summit focused on global WARMING? "Experts" can explain away all they want, but I'm not convinced. The recent exposing of alleged data manipulation doesn't help ease my doubts either. Here's another thought: wasn't it Green Week on NBC recently? I saw Al Gore all over the TV. The article was an online submission from USA Today. What's their slant? You can't pass off sub-zero (F and C) temperatures as normal for France, nor freezing temperatures for Sicily.

Yeah, I know a lot of people trust scientists and their noble pursuits for knowledge. But consider how their research and salaries are funded. Also consider the competition for the spotlight, be it in the public-at-large or smaller intellectual communities.

I'm not going to post any comments in reference to this post. I'm not interested in hosting a debate on this topic. I'm just ornery because the lakes are freezing over. Also, my jeep broke down and I can't get out rabbit hunting.

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