Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction

Perhaps identifying my laziness in print was motivation enough. I just finished a brief upper-body workout. I didn't want to overdo it right from the start. Just something to get the blood pumping again, to remind me how good it can feel to flood the muscles with blood. I feel a little more like my former self, the man who can walk a mile over wooded hills with 100 lbs. on his back and shoulders. I'm not ready for another canoe trip yet, or even a rabbit hunt in snow, but it's a start. I'll do more soon on a night when I haven't had Burger King for supper. Earlier this year, before my August trip, my goal was to get a body like Daniel Craig (Casino Royale). I've given up on shooting for Arnold in his prime; I just want a functional canoe tripping body without a beer gut and love handles.


  1. wow, fab pic of you on this post!

  2. Ha! If only that was me. Actually, that is the goal. I was very impressed by an interview of Daniel Craig, where he described how seriously he trained to portray the image of a young James Bond. I simply want to be in that kind of shape to make my canoe trips more fun and less painful.