Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Plans

I want to be in a canoe on my birthday, paddling on a lake or river somewhere. That's all I really want right now. All this warm weather has me thinking that the end of April will be fine for hitting the water, or at least floating on the surface in a canoe.

I have a few options, and I don't yet know which one I'll choose. I can go to the Huron River, less than an hour's drive away, and paddle for a few hours. I could go to the Au Sable or Rifle Rivers, 3 hours' drive away, and be a little more remote. Or I could go all the way to Algonquin Park, meet a bunch of AlgonquinAdventures people, and drive 8 hours each way. What to do? What to do? What to do, as long as it's in a canoe!


  1. So you'd do anything as long as it was in a canoe? No wonder Murdock went with you last summer.

  2. Actually, we were only in the same canoe that one time...but I suppose that now I must be more specific. There ARE certain things that I wouldn't do, some I might only do with my wife, and a variety of clean, wholesome activities I might do with my friends. But you knew that, Aristos; you're just being smarmy. "Do" in this post means "go to" as in, "Where should I go canoeing on my birthday?"